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Facts About Uricinex

What Exactly is Gout?

If you are a gout sufferer, you are not alone as more than 2 million people endure gout annually in the United States. If you are a male in your 40s or 50s (chances are lower for women) with a high proliferation of uric acid that is not properly broken down, minute purines can crystallize in your joints causing a gout attack accompanied by severe pain.

Gout attacks have increased over time because of certain epidemic societal factors: insulin resistance, hypertension, alcohol consumption, obesity, kidney disease, and metabolic syndrome. Though attacks can subdue after several days, over time, gout sufferers can have permanent joint damage, kidney disease, severe arthritis and even death. The most effective way to manage gout is with diet - (Click Here for more information).

What is Uricinex?

Uricinex is a blend of natural herbs and potentially potent nutrients combined into a pill form and are used to eliminate the development of high uric acid levels in the body, that is to say gout. Uricinex is said not to contain anything unnatural. Though never examined by the FDA—which only deals with pharmaceuticals—Uricinex claims to have no chemical or synthetic compounds, fillers, additives or artificial compounds like pharmaceutical drugs.

With over 1.5 million natural cure articles available, it’s hard to recognize which is the real deal and which are hoaxes or simple placebo reproductions. Uricinex, works along side normal bodily immune and excretion systems to help cells metabolize more efficiently. In making cells stronger and balanced, Uricinex is essentially assisting the body’s excretion systems—kidneys and namely liver—in routine detoxification. Uricinex claims to treat gout naturally by intensifying the body’s ability to flush out toxins and other virulent acids.

How Does Uricinex Work?

Uricinex maintains that it is concocted from all natural constituents, consisting of Yucca extracts, artichoke, Milk Thistle and Turmeric to name but a few. This blend of natural herbs and nutrients, then, is designed to attack gout where it resides most, viz. the uric acid crystals forming between the joints. The crystallization of uric acid in the visceral joints is what causes so much pain. Uricinex turns the crystals back into liquid, enabling the body to excrete the uric acid from the body through the urine.

Uricinex, however, does not interfere with uric acid production, being both positive and negative feature of the supplement: The body produces uric acid naturally but too much uric acid production causes gouty arthritis attacks; there’s a fine line between normal and excessive production of uric acid. Uricinex, nonetheless, says that it promotes healthy liver and kidney functions allowing for any or excess uric acid to pass out of the body.

Uricinex, moreover, asserts that it nurtures cell membrane health, making once weaker cells stronger again. The question of “how” Uricinex works is answered through their contention that with the right nutrients, right amounts and in the right way, Uricinex helps the body’s natural elimination of urates (uric acid) and purines (chemical in some foods; red meat, alcohol, et cetera) from the body, while fortifying the blood and relieving symptoms of angina (pain caused by inadequate blood supply to the heart).

Interestingly enough, however, Uricinex doesn’t claim to cure gout for an extended period of time, nor does it contend that future independence from Uricinex—or gouty arthritis—is a guarantee. Like pharmaceuticals, gout sufferers may have to continually take Uricinex for an undetermined amount of time. A purine restricted diet remains the best long term (and often fastest) way to manage gout.

What is the History of Uricinex?

Uricinex first became available for online distribution by Smith & Smith Enterprises in December of 1998 by Kevin Smith and trademarked by Network Solutions, LLC. Since then, Uricinex has been renamed, re-blended and re-concocted to essentially be the same supplement. With some duplication battles, it’s important to know where and whom you’re buying Uricinex from, as other companies may be fraudulent, deceptive or, worse yet, sell you a poisonous product.

What are Common Uricinex Side Effects?

Several years ago, an independent clinical study was carried out in an independent laboratory. It is unclear, however, who funded the study. Of the 36 gout patients studied, Uricinex was administered at 2 tablets, three times per day for 30 days. Patients were evaluated at two increments: after 15 and after 30 days. Patients were studied and asked about side effects. According to the study, all observed patients reported no side effects.

Another recent observation studied 30 participants who have had gout. This time, Uricinex was given two times daily for a period of six months. The study claims to have “regularly” assessed participants for side effects. The study claims that gout pain attacks dropped by 193%, with no observable side effects. Though the study does not provide funding names or where the study was given, it does illustrate some interesting results.

As with any drugs or supplements—herbal based or not—side effects may be more or less common. Given the size of both study groups (36 and 30 patients respectively), the control group perhaps improperly represents the 2 million people who suffer gout annually, but does show a hope in treating the onset of gout.

What is Uricinex Dosage and Cost?

If you buy Uricinex online, for example, the cost might be a bit lower than a supplement store, but you’ll have to pay (international) shipping costs from the United States. A year’s supply of Uricinex is about $200 USD, but depending on dosage, may cost you twice that. The cost ranges to about $2 USD per day given that 60 capsules of 100 mg is right under $70 USD. Some researchers recommend taking two pills, two times per day (as in the abovementioned studies) or take one pill, two times per day, depending on individual needs ($4 USD to $8 USD per day). It seems the large quantities you buy, the cheaper the daily cost becomes.

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Uricinex was first available online in 1998 by Smith & Smith Enterprises, LLC, though others have copied and sell the same blends as supplements. The FDA does not control the distribution, manufacturing or marketing of herbal or natural supplements.
We are not associated with Smith & Smith Enterprises, LLC, or any of its affiliates. . 
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