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Facts About Puricil

What Exactly is Gout?

After the age of 40, gout is nine times more common in men (strikingly men of Polynesian descent) than in women of the same age. Gout is characteristically common with individuals who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease—all diseases identified with obesity.

Ordinarily, gout is a result of too much uric acid in the blood, caused from the over-eating of foods rich in purines—specifically foods of the sea such as herring, sardines, mussels, anchovies, scallops and salmon or in red meat such as hamburger, brains, liver, with lower purines found in bacon, turkey and goose. In erstwhile times, gout was often referred to as the “disease of kings” because of the consumption of rich foods, only afforded by people with money who could buy meat and other delicacies.

If you are a gout sufferer, you are not alone as over 2 million people endure gout annually in the United States. The high proliferation of uric acid that is not properly broken down can crystallize in your joints causing a gout attack, which is often accompanied by a fever or chills. If not treated, this crystallization could lead to subsequent and serious health complications later. The most effective way to manage gout is with diet - (Click Here for more information).

What is Puricil?

Puricil helps control the outbreaks of gout once gout has occurred. A botanical blend of all-natural ingredients like herbs, folic acid, celery seed and other natural extracts, Puricil asserts to relieve stiffness, inflammation, swelling and intense pain affiliated with gout. Puricil is a supplement, but is often labeled a “medical food,” because of its natural, unrefined and wholesome properties.

A bit different than other supplements’ claims, Puricil is formulated to serve as a daily dietary management of gout, not an immediate or foreseeable cure. The supplement, then, is not fabricated with any other ailments or diseases in mind, but is specifically pinpointed to treating gout sufferers. If you have a gout attack, for example, Puricil is taken during (not before or after) the uric acid invasion to the joints. Puricil claims to alleviate the grievous severity of pain while keeping the chance of future attacks to a minimum.

How Does Puricil Work?

Puricil maintains to eliminate excess uric acid from the body. Moreover, Puricil asserts that its capsules include ingredients and compounds that not only stimulate digestion, thereby breaking down foods, but also eliminates uric acid, ridding the body of other potent toxins. The botanical mixture is said to have a hypouricemic effect, essentially lowering the uric acid buildup in the body (one definitive cause of gout). The combination of ingredients, additionally contends to increase energy levels and general well being.

The active ingredients in Puricil work together to bring relief from gout. Here are some of the main components of Puricil: folic acid—not proven to help uric acid levels, this is a soluble vitamin used as a digestion aid in production of new proteins, red blood cells and DNA. Celery seed extract—a natural anti-swelling antiseptic, the properties have been found helpful in urinary tract infections, digestive problems and used as a diuretic (detoxifier). Green tea extract—found to be more potent than a couple dozen vegetables combined, the antioxidant properties are high in polyphenos (a bioflavonoid), EGCG (one of the strongest antioxidant known), and stronger than Vitamin E in counterpoising free radicals in the blood stream.

Furthermore, Puricil contains lactobacillus acidophilus cultures, known to neutralize and regulate digestive function and balance. Puricil also uses L-lysine (an amino acid), which helps with the body’s immune system, calcium absorption and certain gland functions. One last key component in this dietary blend is grape seed extract. Used to increase blood vessel function, increase blood flow, and decreasing the chance of a heart attack or stroke, grape seed protects the collagen (main structural protein in connective tissue, yielding gelatin when boiled) of the skin.

With all the powerful blends of botanical herbs and natural constituents, Puricil only works once gout has set in, and does not claim to fully rid the body of uric acid levels, but only to aid in digestion, helping break down nonaligned purines in the stomach, not the blood (which transports purines [uric acid] to the joints). Puricil, then, claims to “relieve the pain and symptoms associated with gout” (Selmedica Healthcare, 2006) but not relieve the gout or the causes (or reoccurrence) of gout itself.

What is the History of Puricil?

Puricil is distributed, manufactured and marketed through Selmedica Healthcare. They claim to be the only sellers of the product, but it’s quite easy to find it for sale from other marketers, and it’s possible to become an affiliate through their affiliate program. Though the components making up Puricil are known, it is, however, not known the history of the drug or the company. Selmedica Healthcare houses offices in Tennessee, in the United States. However, recent claims of fraudulence (perhaps hearsay) have been raised against the company and it’s selling of anti-gout supplements.

What are Common Puricil Side Effects?

Puricil claims to have no side effects. Researched customer testimonials seem satisfied with the product as far as no side effects are concerned; however, no one seems 100% ecstatic over Puricil’s anti-gout qualities. The only testimonials divulging any side effects were reports of upset stomach, which ceases after a couple days. Puricil must be taken at the same time everyday to be effective. Non-compliance with this makes it less potent and possibly useless. The company recommends consulting a doctor before taking Puricil. Moreover, the company claims not to be a replacement for any current drugs you might be taking.

What is Puricil Dosage and Cost?

A single bottle of Puricil contains enough supplements to last one-month. One bottle, at sale price, cost about $50 USD. One bottle, though, can cost up to $87 USD per bottle once sale prices are eliminated, with a six-month supply (six bottles) costing $522 USD, or $1044 USD per year. Puricil must be kept in the fridge, making traveling long distance a possible hindrance.

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